The 5 Best Dog Food for Golden Retrievers (Review)

When someone says Golden Retriever, what do you picture? They are so adorable and fluffy. Well, golden retrievers are originally hunting dogs. They are a large-sized breed of dogs. They were called bird dogs in earlier times. They are used as guide dogs nowadays in various crime investigation departments. They are very sensitive and thus prove to be good at tracking. They are natural athletes and therefore, agile and have a balanced body structure. They also make great pets and love being cared for.

Golden retrievers prefer living in suburban areas, mostly because they are more spacious and have lesser pollution. They are hyperactive, enjoy running. They love to swim as well. Basically, all activities that require lots of energy. Similarly, their food should also have good sources of energy. Monitor their fatigue levels to give them the required quantity of food.

They have double-coated skin and thus tend to shed a lot during any season change. Their coats are water repellent. They need to be properly groomed and brushed at least once a week. Their average weight is around 60 pounds. They require at least 1200 calories per day to function properly. The figure can be more, depending upon how active your dog is. A diet rich in protein, with the source preferably being meat keeps the retriever active.

Your dog might get allergic to any of the ingredients in his food, particularly the source of meat protein or grains. This leads to skin problems. So be very careful while choosing the right food your Golden Retriever. You would not want to upset him, especially if he is cheerful and creates a happy vibe around him.

The 5 Best Dog Food for Golden Retrievers

They have a long life span and can be easily trained. They can cheer you up if you spend time with them. They are also used as therapy dogs. Their intelligence and smartness make them very popular. Not only humans, but they also take care of other animals too, even rival cats. Goldens should not be left alone, they love the company.                     

Since Golden Retrievers are so active, they are bound to keep you moving as well. You might not even realize when you got back in shape while taking your dog for a stroll. They come with added benefits, isn’t it? Nobody likes a lazy dog. Your Golden Retriever will play around with your family and friends and generally, is very loyal and affectionate towards humans.

You can return him the favor by doing just the minimum you can for him. Select his food properly. Why not take out some time and go through a quick list of foods that are surely going to please your little family member.

Best Dog Food for Golden Retrievers Review

Here is a list of handpicked foods, especially to suit the needs of your Golden Retriever. Different breeds of dogs function differently so it is important to choose the food that suits your breed of dog the best. All these products are available on Amazon, so you do not have to go around town looking for them.

1.  Royal Canin Golden Retriever Adult Dry Dog Food

Royal Canin Golden Retriever Adult Dry Dog Food


  • Kibble shape is designed in such that it is easy chewable.
  • It helps maintain an ideal weight.
  • It has nutrients, which support cardiac function.
  • The ingredients in this product protect the delicate skin of Golden Retrievers.
  • Various vitamin sources make the food more nutritious.

   Royal Canin is an excellent brand that specializes in manufacturing food for dog breeds of different kinds. Breed-specific food is their flagship. Their product for adult Golden Retrievers is something you cannot refuse. With very few companies in the market selling breed-specific foods, one such quality product from a premium brand speaks for itself.

The unique shape of each bite, carved keeping in mind the way this dog picks up food and chews it, is brilliant. Taurine, EPA, and DHA present in the food, help regulate the cardiac cycle.

There should be no second thoughts when it comes to this product. Royal has emerged as a trustworthy brand over the years. Their special breed-specific foods are currently ruling the dog food market. Why not let the experts take charge?

The product is readily available on Amazon.

2. Royal Canin Golden Retriever Puppy Dog Food

Royal Canin Golden Retriever Puppy Dog Food


  • It is specially designed for puppies and dogs who are still in the growing phase.
  • Unique kibble shape helps in chewing it properly.
  • Essential nutrients help in the development of the immune system of this special breed of dogs.
  • High-quality proteins enrich the diet.
  • Nutrients responsible for keeping their skin healthy is a key feature.

Another amazing product from the brand that bagged the No. 1 spot on the list. This food is designed to serve the needs of a growing Golden Retriever who needs special attention and care. During the growing years, when the immune system is not that strong and the body has not developed completely, extra care is needed. This product provides the same, comprises of specially selected ingredients for puppies.  

Golden Retrievers might not be prone to a lot of allergies but their health is not that good when they are young. Their health is something that needs to be worked upon. The better you feed your dog and take care of him, the better his health will be when he grows up and the longer will he live.

Antioxidants like Vitamin E nourish and protect the skin. They keep the characteristic fur of this sort of dog in good condition. Unique kibble shape assists in chewing and digestion. This product also contains ingredients, which maintain the heart rate of your dog.

Overall, this product is a must-have for all new Golden Retriever owners. You would not like if your dog does not go on to develop a strong immune system, which complements his highly active nature.

You can check this product on Amazon.

3.    Hill’s Science Dry Dog Food

Hill’s Science Dry Dog Food


  • Exclusive formula from Hill’s science company.
  • It helps regulate the weight of your pet.
  • Natural ingredients reduce the risk of allergy.
  • This helps in muscle maintenance.
  • Clinically proven antioxidants nourish the characteristic skin coat of Golden Retrievers.

Hill’s Science is famous for its intense research regarding dog food and innovative recipes. They surely know the science behind dog food. Their non-allergic ingredients and impeccable taste along with added benefits of weight regulation speak for themselves.

This completely natural recipe is the one to look out for if your dog is prone to allergies. The unique formula of Hill Science combined with the regular ingredients in every dog food for the Golden Retrievers make it a balanced diet.

Nourishing properties of antioxidants are an absolute must for this breed. Muscle maintenance and weight regulation properties are the additional highlights of this product.

This would turn out to be a perfect choice for your pet.

Follow the link to purchase this wholesome product from Amazon.

4. Blue Buffalo Adult Dry Dog Food

Blue Buffalo Adult Dry Dog Food


  • It contains quality real meat protein as the major ingredient.
  • Completely natural ingredients maintain the health of your dog.
  • The unique Life protection formula contains a blend of various nutrients such as proteins, vitamins, etc. to aid the immune system as well as provide support during all the life stages.
  • Omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids help keep the skin coat intact.

Blue Buffalo is known for its wholesome ingredients mixed together in a creative manner. With real meat protein as the prime ingredient, this product stands out from the rest.

A revolutionary formula that helps protect against many allergies and also strengthens the natural immune system. At a fairly reasonable cost with features, no less than its competitors, this product definitely stands out.

Meat protein balances the nutritional requirements of your Golden Retriever. It also keeps his taste buds happy. His skin is protected by the fatty acids that are another major component of this product.

You can find this product on Amazon.

5.  Natural Balance Dry Dog Food

Natural Balance Dry Dog Food


  • No artificial flavors or preservatives make the food wholesome.
  • Single animal protein sources are the major requirement of this breed.
  • It helps indigestion.
  • Healthy skin and luxurious coats are maintained by the fatty acids present in the meal.

A product with zero artificial preservatives and flavors is ought to be fresh and healthy. Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids help to nourish the skin and keep the furry coat as good as new.

Nutrients that help in digestion are crucial because Golden Retrievers are very active and therefore need a constant source of energy. Single animal protein also balances its diet.

Overall, this product is very healthy and suitable for Golden Retrievers. Do not miss out on it. It is available on Amazon.

Buyer’s Guide

Every breed of dogs needs a different kind of nutrition for their growth, development, and sustenance. Good companies have realized that and now, breed-specific foods are being manufactured. For a Golden Retriever, there is some essential point you need to keep in mind when you are selecting their food.

  • Size of each bite

This is crucial with respect to every breed. It is so because different sizes of different breeds have a characteristic muzzle. Each breed can pick up and properly chew only a definite size of food. Since Golden Retrievers are a large breed, their kibble size is relatively larger than other breeds, but not overly so.

It is just the right size which a dog can properly chew in one go. This size is decided after a lot of research and testing.

Make sure you trust the brand you buy.

  • Skin nourishing nutrient

Golden Retrievers have a characteristic type of skin and coat. Usually, nutrients like Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids help nourish their skin and keep their coat fluffy. This breed is prone to skin problems.

So be sure your chosen product enlists the feature of protecting the coat of such dogs. Any food specially designed to meet the requirements of a Golden Retriever will have this property. Therefore, it should not be a rare thing to find.

Amazon has a variety of products with this feature.

  • Animal Protein

Golden Retrievers are a very active kind of breed. They like to play around and are natural athletes. You need to make sure he gets the right amount of nutrition required for such vigorous activity. The source of energy he needs usually comes from animal protein.

Plant supplements might not do the same job. Go through the list of ingredients carefully to check the source of protein in the meal.

  • Weight regulating ingredients

This might appear trivial. However, it is a significant aspect to look out for. Golden Retrievers can get overweight easily if they are not taken special care of.

Ingredients that regulate the weight of your dog keep it healthy and happy. An overweight dog can also have a lot of health problems.

A product with this specialty is preferable.


  • What should be the portion of each meal?

Generally, younger Golden Retrievers require more food than adults do. Check the number of cups required to be fed to your dog on the product packet.

  • How many times a day should they be fed?

Young ones should be given meals 3-4 times a day because they require more energy for development. Adults should be fed twice a day.

  • What is the major ingredient to look out for?

Ingredients that keep the coat on the dogs intact and nourish the skin are the topmost priority when it comes to this particular breed. Golden Retrievers have a characteristic furry coat, which needs special care and attention.

If your pet develops any kind of skin problem, discontinue the food. Consult the vet and switch to a food that better suits your dog.

  • What source of protein is the best for Golden Retrievers?

Always prefer foods that have an animal source of protein to feed your dog. Golden Retrievers are agile and need higher ratios of protein to draw energy.

In addition, your dog will find animal sources of protein tastier as it is a canine.

  • How do I know my Golden Retriever is allergic to food?

Golden Retrievers generally have a good appetite. If you find your dog not interested in eating, avoiding or skipping meals, be assured there is a problem. Stop feeding him the food you usually give. You might notice abnormalities in his skin too because mostly they have skin allergies.

Consult a vet and try to know which particular ingredient your dog is allergic to. Be careful when you are shopping the next time to avoid that ingredient.


Golden Retrievers are the most loved and popular breed of dogs. They are good family pets as well as guide dogs. Their characteristic coat looks amazing and needs special care. Choose relevant ingredients for the same. Good food should be wholesome, meet all the requirements and should not cause any kind of allergy.

The Buyer’s Guide highlights the factors you should keep in mind when looking to purchase food for your Golden Retriever. In addition to the points mentioned, it is imperative to consider his height, weight, amount of physical activity and age while filtering various meals.

FAQ’s enlist some common questions you might be asking yourself midway through the article or even before reading it. Caring about a pet is really challenging but when you keep yourself updated with recent articles and blogs, you do not need to worry much.

Follow this guide properly in order to choose a nutritious and balanced diet for your dog. All the products mentioned in the list are available on Amazon.

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