The 5 Best Food for Bulldogs (Review)

Bulldogs have a peculiar history of being included in various sports such as bullbaiting and serving as a muse for ancient painters. They look different from usual dogs but in a good way. Who would not love to pet such a uniquely cute face? No wonder they have been mascots of various brands and events.

They are a medium-sized breed of dogs and a have lifespan of approximately 8-12 years. Their characteristic wrinkled face and short height make them a great attraction for dog lovers. In addition, they are very friendly pets and love to be a part of your family. They are especially fond of kids. However, a crucial aspect of taking care of bulldogs is their food.

Bulldogs have a sensitive digestive system and you should be careful about what you feed your little friend. On average, a bulldog consumes around 1400 calories per day but it varies depending upon how much exercise he gets. Active bulldogs require more calories and less active ones do not require much.

The 5 Best Food for Bulldogs

Most of the bulldogs have a condition called hip dysplasia. Some are affected by patellar luxation. They also suffer from many respiratory problems due to their short muzzle. Also, the food moves slowly through the intestine due to the same feature. Thus, you need to be very meticulous while choosing the right kind of food for your little furry friend because they are prone to various types of allergies.

The average weight of a healthy bulldog is about 40 pounds, although it may vary depending upon their age and physical activity. Their diet should contain appropriate ratios of protein, vitamins, carbohydrates, healthy fats and minerals so that appropriate weight is maintained.

Foods for bulldogs should meet their standard nutritional requirements. In addition, they must not cause any type of allergy to the dog. Natural and grain-free ingredients are the best choice. Gluten-free and protein-rich foods help in maintaining the overall balance of the diet of your bulldog.

You should never compromise on the quality of dog food for a few extra bucks because they save you from spending much more in the future at the vets. The last thing you would want is getting your pet sick due to a reaction from any food.

Best Food for Bulldogs

Below is a carefully designed list of some of the best food for bulldogs, keeping in mind their special nutritional requirements. Amazon provides a wide range of dog foods, specific to every breed. The list contains five top foods for bulldogs, easily available on Amazon.

1. Royal Canin Adult Dry Bulldog Food

Royal Canin Adult Dry Bulldog Food


  • It is designed to meet the nutritional needs of bulldogs.
  • The unique shape makes it convenient for the bulldog to pick up and chew easily.
  • It contains EPA and DHA that help in maintaining bone and joint health.
  • It helps reduce stool odor.
  • Keeps the skin barrier intact.
  • It provides digestive health.

This product is undoubtedly the best food for an adult bulldog. Royal Canin is a fairly popular and trustworthy brand when it comes to dog food.

In addition, this food comes with additional nutritional benefits, curated for a bulldog. It has been manufactured keeping in the mind the special characteristics of a bulldog, which is quite different from other canines. 

The property of reducing stool odor is always an advantage. You do not want your dog room to smell bad. 

 This all-in-one nutritious food keeps the diet of your pet in check. It is absolutely worth every penny.

Visit the Amazon website to get on your hands on this little gem.

2. Royal Canin Bulldog Puppy Dry Dog Food

Royal Canin Bulldog Puppy Dry Dog Food


  • From the same trusted company as the previous one.
  • It is specially designed for puppies 8 weeks to 15 months old.
  • It consists of antioxidants like Vitamin E, which protects the puppy’s immune system.
  • Mineral constituents support the delicate body of puppies.
  • Promotes the growth of healthy bones and joints.
  • Prebiotics help indigestion.

The best for a little bulldog. When your pet is still in the growing phase and has not developed completely, you should not take any chances when it comes to nutrition. Food directly affects the growth of the puppy. 

This Puppy Dry Food for bulldogs is an exclusive product, especially for the tiny bulldogs. Bulldogs when small require almost double the care. This is a great choice for new pets as it helps in their growth.

The unique properties of protecting the immune system are of course an add-on that takes some weight off your shoulders when caring for a little one. You would not want to miss this product.

Check the Amazon website to purchase this product.

3. Nulo Adult Dog Food

Nulo Adult Dog Food


  • It contains all-natural ingredients, which ensures the best health.
  • It is grain-free, which reduces the possibility of triggering any kind of allergy or digestive problems, a bulldog may have.
  • Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids help nourish and replenish the skin of bulldogs.
  • It is lower in carbs, which promotes a lean build.
  • It is rich in protein, fulfilling the basic requirement of the diet of a bulldog.
  • The product has a wide range of unique recipes, which can be suited to the taste preferences of your bulldog.

The grain-free recipe and naturally obtained ingredients are the highlights of this product. The probiotics present provide healthy digestion. The amazing recipe contains 85% of proteins from real meat that helps build muscles.

This is a great choice for bulldogs who are prone to allergy because none of the ingredients cause or trigger any kind of allergy. In addition, this will surely not make your bulldog grumpy, as it is rich in flavor.

This is bound to keep your pet happy and healthy.

The product is readily available on Amazon.

4. Purina Dry Dog Food

Purina Dry Dog Food


  • Joint health is maintained using natural sources of glucosamine.
  • The immune system of bulldogs is supported using the antioxidant properties of certain constituents in this meal.
  • The Omega-6 fatty acids present in the recipe helps nourish the skin of bulldogs.
  • The major ingredients are beef and rice, making it nutritious as well as packed with flavor that bulldogs enjoy devouring.
  • It comes in small bites so that it is easy to chew that copes with the short muzzle of bulldogs.

The product is composed of various nutritious ingredients that help to maintain the crucial balance in the body of a bulldog. The special property of glucosamine keeps the joints in place.

Antioxidants support the immune system, which in turn prevents the bulldog from allergies. The sensitive digestive system is also taken care of.

Overall, this product is a great food to purchase for your bulldog.

It can easily be purchased from Amazon.

5. Rachael Ray Nutrish Dry Dog Food

Rachael Ray Nutrish Dry Dog Food


  • Specially manufactured for bulldogs, Rachael’s Kitchen style.
  • It does not contain any grains, thus it safe for bulldogs with allergies.
  • Real salmon is the major ingredient, providing the required protein intake.
  • There is no use of artificial flavors and preservatives, hence rendering it healthy for consumption.
  • It is a zero poultry by-product meal.
  • It does not contain any gluten or filler ingredients.

Rachael’s Kitchen inspires the recipe of this product. Therefore, it certainly has a homely touch for the furry family members. All the ingredients used are completely natural, thereby ensuring the nutritious value of the meal. 

Real salmon has easily digestible proteins, perfect for your bulldog. Omega-3 fatty acids in the salmon meal also help in vision development.

Again, the zero grain idea does not lead to any sort of allergy. This is perfectly curated for bulldogs. Also, a part of the product price goes to the Rachael Ray Foundation, which helps animals in need. Who would not love to contribute for a kind cause? 

This product is available on Amazon at a reasonable price.

Buyer’s Guide

Do not just buy any dog food for your bulldog. Your bulldog is a different kind of breed and therefore requires special care. Be very careful while selecting the best food for your dog.

Analyze all the pros and cons of every meal before feeding your pet.

What must be the criteria for a portion of food intended for a bulldog? Listed below are some crucial factors, which you must keep in mind when selecting the right kind of food for your pet.

  • Size of each piece of the meal

This might sound very trivial but is very important when it comes to bulldogs. Bulldogs have a relatively smaller muzzle than other dogs due to which food moves slowly through the intestines.

Therefore, it is very significant to have small bites in the meal. Smaller chunks help in easy digestion of the food.

  • Protein content

Bulldogs require a high amount of protein diet. So make sure the food you purchase is very rich in proteins. Sources of protein in various foods may vary from fish to meat to alternative natural ingredients. 

Whichever source you choose, do not forget to check the protein content in the product details.

  • Skin nourishing ingredients

Another important ingredient to look out for is skin-nourishing ingredients. Bulldogs have many folds in their skin while some have sensitive skin.

Whichever product you opt for must talk about its skin-nourishing qualities in the description. The skin of bulldogs should be taken care of to maintain their characteristic comic look.

Generally, Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids have skin replenishing properties. Such benefits can also be extracted from a precise level of other natural nutrients. Whatever the case may be, make sure the chosen product fulfills all such skin-specific requirements.

  • Age of your pet

Yes, this a key factor in selecting the best food for your bulldog. Various foods are available for specific age ranges. This is so because different age groups require a different proportion of nutrition.

Foods especially manufactured for puppies have ingredients, which help in the growth and development of your pet. Various ingredients also help in strengthening the immune system at an early age, which can reduce the probability of allergies when the bulldog grows older. 

Foods meant for adult bulldogs have a distinct proportion of nutrients that help in the sustenance of the matured body.

  • Weight of your furry partner

You must take into account the weight of your bulldog also while handpicking foods. Specific foods are curated for the furry beings of variant body weights. 

Depending upon the weight of your bulldog, choose the right kind of meal for him.

  • Nutrients for bone development

Bulldogs are hefty in their build. Their body structure differs from other breeds of dogs. Thus, be particular about this aspect too when shopping for him.

Bulldogs require specific nutrients, which help in bone and joint development. Various sources of nutrients provide the required results.

Just keep in mind the product description mentions bone development. This would be a better choice for your little friend.


  • What should be the portion for a meal?

Every product description has details about the exact quantity of every portion, which is measurable in standard size cups. The general portion for a meal is approximately 2 cups. Although, it varies from one food to another.

  • How many times in a day should I feed my bulldog?

Usually, adult bulldogs need to feed twice a day. If your bulldog is still in the growing phase, he will require more quantity of meals. Consult your vet for the best advice depending upon the exact age and characteristics of your bulldog.

  • What about mixed breed bulldogs?

The above products are only for purebred bulldogs. Consult your vet about the details of food for your mixed breed dogs because depending upon the other breed the bulldog crosses with, the nutritional requirements may vary.

  • What should be the topmost priority of ingredients for a meal?

The nutrient with the topmost priority is no doubt, protein. A protein-rich diet is essential for the health of your bulldog.

  • How do I know if my bulldog has an allergy to some kind of nutrient?

If you see your pet falling sick soon, always go for grain-free and natural ingredients.  There is an entire range of dog foods with this concept, which does not compromise the nutritional requirements. They have natural substitutes for the ingredient of your pet that might cause an allergic reaction. 

If the regular brand does not suit your bulldog anymore, try switching to another brand.

If the problem persists, seek expert advice from a vet.

  • How do I avoid foods that can cause an allergy to my pet?

Every company listed on Amazon mentions the entire list of their ingredients in the product details. Go through the details very carefully before buying any food. Check for expiration dates.


The health of your bulldog should not be compromised under any circumstances. The diet of your bulldog is very crucial to his health. If you care enough for your furry friend, take out extra time to select the right food for him.

The top five foods for your bulldog have been selected keeping into account all the important factors. The guidelines take through the key factors when choosing a food for your pet. Make a smart decision after considering all the points.

Another added advantage is that all the food products mentioned above are available on Amazon and you do not have to hunt the entire town for these special products. Prices are also reasonable and obviously, quality is what matters the most.

You need to screen the food on all parameters before feeding your bulldog. This shopping guide is designed in such a way that it meets all your needs and we hope that it will not disappoint you.

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