Does Your Dog Really Respect you?

Does Your Dog Really Respect you

Having the respect of you dog is the most important and the most vital point in building a healthy and happy relationship with your god. If you successfully establish certain principles in your relationship with your pet such as respect, affection and trust, your relationship would become effectively sturdy and very enjoyable.

People can easily get confused when they are asked whether their dog actually respects them. In most of the cases, they replace love with respect. Many people who tend to think that their dog shows immense love and affection towards them might also think that their dog respects them equally but nuh uh, this can be different. 

Love is undoubtedly an important part of your relationship with your dog but respect is as important too. Let us have insights about how to understand and know if you dog respects you.

Happiness is a sign of Respect

A dog who would be happy and overly enthusiastic at your sight is a dog who truly respects you. Sheer enthusiasm, constant wagging of the tail, keeping their tongue out at your sight and a typically funny boost of energy inside your dog are some signs that clearly state that your dog respects you a lot.

You can also check by ordering your dog and if he obeys your certain commands (for e.g. he’d sit when you ask him to, stand or come to you when you call) it shows that your dog respects you.

A respectful dog is submissive to his owner and enjoys being commanded. He would let you touch him. He would let you play with his ears and would let you brush his skin.  He acts highly enthusiastic and relaxed around someone he respects. If your dog does all this, well, you are good to go!

Body Language

Body language is the key to understanding your dog is relaxed and happy around you. His posture would convey a lot.

•A calm and relaxed posture is a good sign.

•Tensed muscles and raised furs are not good in this regard.

•Relaxed tail and expressions are also positive.

•A dog shrinking his body to look smaller and a dog turning away his head or breaking eye contact with the owner suggests that he is not a threat to you and is submissive.

Respect is a two-way policy

It’s important to understand that respect is also a give and take policy. You have to respect your dog in order to receive respect from his end. Do not hurt your dog or intimidate them. Make them feel safe and wanted. That’s the key.

Respecting personal spaces

A respectful dog gives you preference when it comes to sharing comfortable or defined spaces. A dog who respects you will move out the way when/if you want him to get aside. Stubbornness in moving out of a space depicts lack of respect.

Dog Walking

While you are walking your dog, he must walk along with you or follow you, if your dog walks ahead of you or he doesn’t match with your speed and pulls on the leash, this is a vivid sign of disrespect.


Obeying commands is the initial sign of respect, if your dog obeys your commands, he respects you.

Do not expect a new dog to obey your commands, they need to be taught.

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