How Long Can a Dog Go Without Water?

The question is not how long can a dog go without drinking water but how does it actually affect his health. Every creature on this earth requires water for surviving and it is the most essential commodity. If your dog, for some reason refuses to drink water or any liquids for over twelve hours, it is a sign of worry and if your dog does not accept water for over two days, this is a sign of illness, he must be taken to the vet immediately. Your dog also might refuse to drink water when he is sick or he is going through some medication.

Lack of water in a dog’s illness would directly contribute to poor health, fatigue and weakness. It might not show but even a slight drop in the regular consumption of water can prove to be bad for your dog’s health in the long run. It can deliver fatal effects if not dealt with as soon as possible.


Dehydration or lack of fluid intake can make your dog’s body week and it also decreases the blood flow in his body making him lethargic and he would lack enough energy to function properly. If you happen to notice that your dog is acting lethargic or weirdly inactive, dehydration might be the cause.

It can have an effect on Eyes

One of the most visible signs of dehydration is sunken eyes. The lack of water causes dryness in the eyes and also in the muscles that keep your dog’s eyes active. If you happen to notice that your dog’s eyes look sunken, it directly tells that it is due to lack of hydration in your dog’s body. To decrease the gravity of dehydration, the dog must be taken to the vet as soon as possible. You can also look for remedies and ways of hydration at home but consulting a doctor would be better.

Abnormal Panting

If you happen to notice excessive panting, it is a sign that your dog is dehydrated and thirsty. You should never let panting go unnoticed. Always have enough supply of water for your dog. Ignoring excessive panting would lead to even more loss of liquid in your dog’s body and the situation can get worse. Dogs demand a lot of water every day and having an ample supply of water for your dog is essential for good health and physical functioning.

On an average, it is stated that dogs can go up to three days without water but it is important to note that this period would always vary according to the weather conditions of your area. A dog might not be able to survive for three days under extremely hot conditions.

To conclude, water is very essential for every creature and do treat your dog like your family and keep him well-fed and hydrated. Proper hydration would make sure that you and your dog enjoy every adventure and fun with sheer enthusiasm and energy.

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