How tight should a dog collar be?

Many people in their initial days of petting a dog might find it very hard to deduce the correct tightness for their dog’s collar.

There can be many recurring thoughts in one’s mind about the same and many people on the contrary, don’t even mind it and this might cause discomfort to their pets.

As small as it seems, every needs to be considered while choosing accessories for your dog and also being informed about everything before it is brought to use.

Types of dog collars.

There are umpteen kinds of dog collars available in the market and every one of them fits differently. They might have different kinds of securing locks, different fabric and different design. Some collars are specifically designed for precise purposes and as it is very important to know which collar would suit your dog the Best, it is also important to be able to make it fit correctly.

Choosing the right dog collar is very important because every collar might not suit the needs of different breeds of dogs because they have different body types and sizes. One collar that fits a dog perfectly might prove to be troublesome for the other and it is advised that you do a bit of research before actually buying one.

The Two-Finger Trick

The moment you get a hold of your collar, you can have your dog and perform the two-fingers trick on him.

Breaking it into steps one-by-one:-

  • Take the collar and pass it through your dog’s head down to his neck and secure it at one place.
  • Make sure that the collar doesn’t at all press down your dog’s neck.
  • Once you are done fixing the collar, glide two fingers inside the collar on your dog’s neck.
  • The collar should be secured but should allow easy movement of your fingers. If you don’t have to force your fingers through the collars, it’s just right.
  • Any unsuccessful attempt in this regard only means that the collar is just not right.

You should also check if the dollar is too loose that it would slip over the neck of your dog. There are many dogs with tapered skulls and they find it amusing to slip their collars off their head and the owner might find it irritating. It should not be loose enough to slip out while your dog plays.

As a conclusion, your dog’s collar should be loose enough to not hurt your dog’s neck, it should not be stiff and immobile at one place. Some movement while wearing is normal. It should be tight enough to not slip out of your dog’s neck and should not be loose to an extent your dog starts pulling at it. Accurate measurement of your dog’s neck and applying the two finger rule while making your dog wear the collar is recommended.

Any discomfort or doubt post this, can be consulted with a doctor to have clear insights.

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